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SOLAR AFRICA SHOP online factory prices sales platform is the fist solar shop intended for solar energy and green building professionals in Africa. With our website, African solar installers can buy solar panels and solar products at factory prices to implement their solar power plant installation. Solar Africa Shop has designed a very user-friendly e-commerce solar shop to facilitate shopping from wherever your stand in Africa. We also have our own smartphone solar shop App to order solar products from wherever you are!
Solar power, as a renewable energy, is the future of humanity! The photovoltaic technology is how to convert radiant light and heat from solar energy into solar electricity. Discover our economic and renewable solutions online!
How does work a solar power plant? The solar energy produced by a solar installation can be directly used for a house needs without being connected to the electric utility. Solar Africa Shop : your custom made solar solution! To produce solar power, you need to buy essential solar products such as solar panels or PV module that generates direct current from the sun energy (a PV module is an assembly of photovoltaic cells into and solar panel shape). You also need PV connectors, a solar inverter generator with high efficiency and suitable voltage that produces alternating current, a charge controller also with high efficiency and adapted voltage, electric and solar cables, solar batteries for energy storage in rural and isolated areas for example, solar mounting systems, accessories and hardware store elements.
Solar Africa Shop engineers have made a sharp selection of solar products among 2000 manufacturers of the solar propose to display more than 700 solar products at best price of up-to-date solar solution with the latest panel technology: Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline solar panels, latest solar inverters, custom solar panel kit, latest technology charge controllers, most effective batteries , most reliable solar mounting system , and many more solar products & photovoltaic accessories.
Solar panels : The sun exposure site and the panel efficiency are very important for the good work of a solar power plant. The panel efficiency is the basis of the overall solar installation efficiency. Two main module solar solutions : Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline solar panels.
Solar inverters : Depending on your solar installation, we propose you to buy either single-phase, three-phase or hybrid solar inverter generators.
Solar panel kit : Solar kits are among the most requested solar products on our solar solutions online shop. To help you design your solar installation and to facilitate your e-shopping we have designed solar panel kits that can either work off-grid or on-grid.
Solar batteries : Our grid-tied panel kits do not need batteries, while our off-grid panel kits need their energy to be stored in accumulators such as AGM deep-cycle, gel, lead-acid, OPzS, OPzV, and lithium batteries technology. Our online solar shop proposes a wide range of batteries at best price!
Solar charge controllers : For solar inverters whose technology do not include any charge controller, our site proposes a large power selection of MPPT charge controllers at best price available in several voltages and capacities for every kinds of solar installations.
Solar mounting systems : On our solar shop site you can also buy best price solar mounting systems with aluminium-made fastening structures designed for every kind of roof-tops in cyclonic zone 5 (solar mounting systems for flat roof, inclined roof, mounting rails, internal and external clamps, brackets, screws for different kinds of purlins). Make the right choice of mounting structure to capture the maximum solar energy.
Thanks to Solar Africa Shop regular shiplines network, our clients have already set up countless small, medium and huge solar power plants everywhere in Africa! Connect now on our solar energy site, get your online quotation and create your own solar power plant at your scale.
Our dedicated Solar Africa Shop Team is here to help you shop and buy your custom made solar solution at best price ! Together let's make solar energy the widest electricity grid in the world.

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