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Mounting Rail base 3/144 6.15m Zone 5 SCHÜCO

  • Suitable for cyclonic region zone 5
  • Fast and safe assembly
  • Reliable and sustainable
  • Safety through quality
  • Optimum protection against corrosion and UV
  • Basic profiles in different versions for increased stability, even in cases where there are few stabilization points
  • Schüco OneTurn-Technology for simple and fast assembly

$52.50per unit

package(s) of 0 units =
1 unit(s) = $52.50

Manufacturers and installers are responsible for the safety and stability of photovoltaic systems on roofs and facades. By using the tested and certified components of the Schüco mounting system, the highest quality requirements are met.

The Schüco mounting system offers the highest flexibility during installation and is also particularly simple, as it only has a few individual components. With this installation procedure, PV panels from different manufacturers to be installed securely. This saves training costs and ensures high and consistent quality when executing the assembly.

Photovoltaic installations are valuable investments that must be secured against damage and possible losses. The installation system and the quality of the installation are of paramount importance. For an investment of more than 20 years, only the best materials and the highest quality mounting can ensure secure fixing of the PV panels without corrosion or structural wear.

The Schüco Technology Center conducts extensive testing to continually monitor the quality of the products. There are equipment for corrosion and sunlight testing. All mechanical loads that may occur during operation are simulated.

Length / unit (cm)615
Width / unit (cm)4
Depth/Height / unit (cm)5.1
Weight / unit (kg)8.5
Rail Length (m)6.15m
Product SeriesSCHÜCO PV Light


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