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Solar Revolution Drives New Powerful Start For Africa

Solar Revolution Drives New Powerful Start For Africa

During the past few years, Africa has been deploying a new technology to get electricity to everyone. It is a great opportunity for these countries. They can continue to provide energy to populations and improve their lives. 


Now with solar technology, it has become easier and faster. Solar systems seem to be the best solutions for countries in energy development. You can install it fast and everywhere the sun is shining, for a cost smaller than coal, nuclear power plant or even hydropower. Many countries in this part of the world are betting on the solar energy.

Many solar farms have been built during the past few years to provide the energy needed by populations. Thing is, a solar farm needs something else: to deliver a lot of power, the structure needs to be very large. It needs space. Luckily in Africa, there is so much space to be used.


6,00,000 Africans die every year because of kitchen's smokes. There may be many ways to improve kitchen's security and save lives but solar solutions can improve facilities far better than just security in the kitchen. It can provide a better warm and light solution. So providing electricity to every household in the continent can save and improve so many lives.

But the way we have done this before is quite expensive and creates pollution. Coal or nuclear are old-style energies, hydropower needs specific rares places to be created, so solar management the solution for these countries. Many shops on the internet like Solar Africa Shop started selling large solar panels pack to facilitate deployment of this technology on solar farms and also on private properties.


In 2015, in South Africa, one of the biggest solar power projects has completed construction and became fully operational. It is a 180,000 megawatt photovoltaic (PV) farm and was the largest in its time. It is built with over 325,000 PV modules and will deliver renewable electricity to... Read more

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