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SOLAR AFRICA SHOP has developed solar PV kits for quick and easy solar installation. Our photovoltaic engineers have designed and assembled a selection of our best and cost-effective photovoltaic solar panels , solar inverters , solar connectors and solar cables to offer photovoltaic "Basic solar kits " from 1 kW to 10 kW. Solar Basic Kits are available in Single-phase and Three-phase connection. These basic solar kits can be integrated either to on-grid (grid-tied) solar electric power systems that generates electricity for your home or offices and dispatches the excess of power into the utility electrical network, or to stand-alone (off-grid) photovoltaic solar solutions that output solar electricity and store it so that it can be used when there’s a shortage of sun rays. PV kits : If you would like to install your photovoltaic Basic solar kit off the grid and become self-sufficient, check our "Autonomy kits " selection as they include a solar batteries storage system. Become self-sufficient in renewable energy production at best price! On our e-solar shop, you will also find solar mounting system kits to easily complete your solar roof installation. We have created solar mounting system kits according to the different kinds of rooftops or solar power plant surfaces. Indeed screws vary from a purlin roof structure type to another. Our solar mounting system kits adapt themselves every kind of rooftops. Then to connect your solar home system to a solar electricity kit via one of our made-to-measure cable management kits and log it to the ground with an earthing kit. Our photovoltaic solar kits and components will help you realise a complete solar power system implementation in a few steps. Log in to your solar shop's customer account and design your own solar power pack by picking up the solar kits you need on our solar kits Africa page.