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PV Inverter Sunny Mini Central 8000TL SCHÜCO

  • High Yields
  • Efficient
  • Sure
  • Adaptable
  • Simple
  • 5 years warranty

$1,192.00per unit

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SMA has an extensive range of products, which offers the right inverters for all module types and plant sizes; for small residential systems as well as large scale plants, grid-connected installations as well as stand-alone and backup systems all over the world. The Sunny Boy 8000TL offers more communication options, are easier to use and more efficient than ever – setting new standards in inverter technology. A modern graphic display, indication of the daily values even after sunset, simplified installation concept and wireless communication via Bluetooth: The new Sunny Boy fulfills every wish.

With the transformerless Sunny Mini Central, SMA is setting new standards. The transformerless Sunny Mini Central 8000TL provides its owners with high yields. With the Sunny Mini Central family of transformerless inverters, it will be even easier to realize PV plants from 18 kWp to the megawatt range. The finely graduated performance classes are ideal for precise configuration of PV plants. The flexibility it provides for the layout of plants and a favorable price-performance ratio make the Sunny Mini Central the ideal inverter for mid-sized to large solar power plants.

NB :

All inverters of the types Sunny Boy (SB), Sunny Mini Central (SMC) and Sunny Tripower (STP), developed and manufactured by the SMA Solar Technology AG, are also delivered to Schüco International KG as customized versions.
The SMA Solar Technology AG hereby certifies that all customized versions labeled as „Schüco“ are in technical terms identical with the SB, SMC, and STP inverters from SMA with reference to their hardware and firmware.

The difference between SB, SMC and STP inverters and their customized versions are limited to the following aspects:

1. The outer packaging of the devices
2. The paintwork and labeling of the device enclosure
3. Modified cover sheet of the technical writing of the device (Installation Guide and User Manual)
4. Type plate with „Schüco“ logo (instead of SMA logo) and an additional note stating: „manufactured by”

All certificates of the Sunny Boy, Sunny Mini Central and Sunny Tripower inverters are therefore also valid fort he corresponding „Schüco“ inverters.

Length / unit (cm)39
Width / unit (cm)59
Depth/Height / unit (cm)69
Weight / unit (kg)63
Power / Unit (Watt)8000
AC ConnectionSingle Phase
Power (Watt)8000
Inverter Efficiency (%)98
Supplier for InverterSCHUCO
Inverter OriginEurope
Max. DC power8250W
MPP voltage range333 V - 500 V
Max current input25 A / 25 A / string
Number of MPP tracker1 / 4
Max output current35 A
Nominal AC voltage / range220, 230, 240 V ; 180 V – 260 V (262 V)
Power factor1
Max efficiency98.0 %
Euro-eta 97.7 %
DC reverse polarity protectionyes
ESS switch disconnectoryes
AC short circuit protectionyes
Ground fault monitoringyes
Grid monitoring (SMA Grid Guard)yes
Current monitoring unit, all pole sensitiveyes
Operating temperature range–25 °C ... +60 °C
Self consumption at night0.25 W
Topology transformerless
Cooling system OptiCool
Connection zone IP65
DC connectionSUNCLIX
AC connection screw terminal
screentext line
DC voltage max700 V
Protection classI
Overvoltage categoryIII
Climatic category (according to IEC 60721-3-4)4K4H
DC Nominal Votage350V
Min. DC Voltage330 V/400 V
AC Nominal Power8000W
Max. AC apparent power8000VA
AC grid frequency;range50, 60 Hz;± 4.5 Hz
Noise emission (typical)≤40dB(A)


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