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Mounting Systems


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Solar Africa Shop online solar store proposes a different kinds of solar mounting systems and accessories at best prices to complete your photovoltaic solar installation. We have selected a assortment of reliable solar mounting systems especially for cyclonic zones such as east African and Indian Ocean countries. Indeed in case of strong windy storms your solar modules and the whole solar power plant installation need to be very securely fasten to your rooftop or to the ground. Fix your solar mounting structures on every kind of rooftops with hardware store elements and accessories. Therefore, to customise your PV installation, you will find displayed below solar mounting solutions such as mounting rails, brackets and their fixing accessories. Most of solar mounting systems and base supports are made of aluminium which is a resistant together with a light material. Aluminium anchors, screws and nuts , allow to fix mounting rails or brackets onto the rooftop. Our range of fixing elements (screws, washers, nuts ) adapts to every kind of rooftops. We also propose adjustable clamps to fit every solar panel frame thickness. According to the rooftop surface, you may have to align one or several rows of solar modules. You will therefore find online aluminium coupling kits to couple mounting rails together, as well as aluminium external clamps and internal clamps. On a solar mounting system, external clamps are situated at the end of a row while internal clamps stand between solar panels. All these solar mounting system elements allow very resistant and long-lasting solar module installations. Solar cables which are connected to solar panels through solar connectors are often securely tied up to the mounting structure. With Solar Africa Shop online solar shop, design your own turnkey solar solution for your rooftop and flat-rooves! Ready-to-use solar mounting system kits are also available online a specific category. Choose the best one according to your solar power plant rooftop or surface type.