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To each screw its nut ! Solar Africa Shop's nuts page references several kinds of nuts to go with different types of screws. Nuts are reliable fasteners with threaded holes. Nuts are almost always used in conjunction with a mating bolt to fasten multiple parts together. The two partners are kept together by a combination of their threads' friction, a slight stretching of the bolt, and compression of the parts to be held together. Solar Africa Shop has the first reliable e-solar hardware store where to find the right nut at best price! On our online solar shop, you can either add your own nuts and screws quantities to your solar installation's cart, or directly choose your solar mounting system kit at factory price to get the adequate hardware store (screws, nuts, washers) selection. According to solar mounting system kits chosen you will need to adapt screws and nuts to your roof structure's purlin type. This choice is very important for reliable long-lasting solar mounting systems whatever the weather conditions. Just as the solar panels need to be tightly hung to the mounting rails , solar mounting base supports need to be securely fasten to the roofing. Africa green building gathers all type of rooftop structures. for example, you'll find hereafter some flange nuts . A flange nut has a wide flange on one side that acts as an integrated, non-spinning washer. This serves to distribute the pressure of the nut over the part being secured, reducing the chance of damage to the part and making it less likely to loosen as a result of an uneven fastening surface. These nuts are mostly hexagonal in shape and are made up of hardened stainless steel (inox) and often coated with zinc. Make your shopping selection of nuts to securely fasten your African solar mounting system.