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Implementing a clean solar installation requires important additional hardware store components. Solar Africa Shop's mission is to provide you with every single element that will help you finalise your solar power installation in one place. Screws , as types of fastener, are characterised by a helical ridge that fixes component to a support. While choosing your solar mounting systems according to your rooftop structure, you will need different kinds and dimensions of screws. Their length, their diameter, threads, drivers (slotted, phillips, hexagon, crosshead...) and head types (pan, round, cheese, washer-faced...) vary according to their purpose. Self drilling, self tapping, self cutting screws won't be used for the sames purposes. Among wood screws, sheet metal screws, and drywall screws, you will find specific screws designed to secure solar mounting systems installation on our online solar shop : round Head Square Neck Bolt (TRCC), round cross-head, hex-head screw, ...etc On our solar mounting systems kits page Solar Africa Shop has selected for you the right stainless steel or galvanized bolts : right screw types with the right nuts according to your roof structure purlin type.