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Solar Africa Shop's offers an online range of washers that suit specific screws and nuts. These complete bolts ensure the tightness of a solar mounting system structure. A washer is a thin plate with a hole (which diameter varies according to the screw diameter) in the middle that is normally used to distribute the load of a threaded fastener, such as screws or nuts. The washer allows to distribute pressure of the nut over a secured part so that the tightened material is not damaged. After having chosen your solar panels and solar inverter, your solar charge controller and solar batteries, select your washers according to your solar mounting system . Ensure your solar installation a longer lifespan with reliable hardware store components among flat washers, external teeth washers, bonded washers ...etc Buy the convenient washer at factory price on our online solar shop! Like screws and nuts, the right number and type of washers are already integrated to our solar mounting system kits. Choose the solar mounting system kit that suits your rooftop surface and secure it with fixing copper, aluminium or stainless steel washers.