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Solar batteries to store solar energy! A high percentage of people in Africa live in rural and isolated areas without any reliable access to electricity. Solar energy is the solution for those homes which are not connected to the utility grid. The more often, when solar panels collect more energy than you use, this energy either gets wasted, or is sent to the grid if your solar installation is grid-tied. However, a majority of power plants need a storage system that stores excess solar energy in order to be able to use this solar electricity current even when the sun is not shinning anymore: an accumulator or battery. Solar Africa Shop online range of solar batteries are specifically designed for renewable energy systems. Our solar shop website offers all types of solar batteries at best prices. According to your solar power plant, choose your storage system specifications on our solar shop among which battery capacity (Ah) and power ratings, depth of discharge (DoD), round-trip efficiency, lifespan, maintenance and warranty. The battery capacity is the maximum total electrical charge, expressed in ampere-hours, which a storage system can deliver to a load under a specific set of conditions. The depth of discharge corresponds to the ampere-hours removed from a fully charged battery, expressed as a percentage of rated capacity. For example, the removal of 25 ampere-hours from a fully charged 100 ampere-hours rated cell results in a 25% depth of discharge. The charge rate is the current applied to solar batteries to restore their available capacity. This rate is commonly normalised by a charge control device with respect to the rated capacity of the storage system. The battery cycle life represents the number of cycles, to a specified depth of discharge, that a cell or battery can undergo before failing to meet its specified capacity or efficiency performance criteria. We propose flooded and sealed batteries. Sealed batteries have a captive electrolyte and a resealing vent cap. They are also called valve-regulated batteries. Water cannot be added to maintain electrolyte level, they are thus maintenance-free. Our online solar shop references a wide selection of solar energy storage systems technologies: Deep-Cycle Gel batteries (gel-type solar batteries are lead-acid accumulators in which the electrolyte is composed of a silica gel matrix, and deep-cycle solar batteries are accumulators with large plates that can withstand many discharges to a low state-of-charge), Deep-Cycle AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) accumulators, AGM Lead-Acid batteries, OPzS & OPzV battery storage (tubular lead acid batteries), and Lithium accumulators technology. They are all available online our solar shop in different nominal voltages (the nominal voltage is a reference voltage used to describe batteries, modules, or systems) 2V, 6V and 12V, and up to 3000Ah battery capacity! Choose the best solar energy battery capacity added to the convenient voltage to store your electricity for a later use!