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Cable Management

Cable management is an important issue in small, medium and large-sized solar power plant installation. Indeed structured cabling is important for the reliability and optimum performance of your solar system. Solar Africa Shop presents hereafter several cable management solutions at best price! A good cable management ensures that the equipment's air intake points are kept as clear as possible and that solar cables and electric cables have the right radius of curvature. It results in longer lifespans as a wrong radius of curvature reduces the performance of the cable. Solar Africa Shop's cable management solutions guaranty a neat and structured appearance of your solar cabling installation. You would then be able to expand your solar power plant by moving and adding cables easily. Maintenance will also be facilitated. On our online solar shop you will find simple and advanced cable management technologies . Simple cable management solution : cable trunking and conduit bells. Advanced cable management solution : galvanized cable trays . You can tie your cables to the trays with clamping washers and supports.