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SOLAR AFRICA SHOP offers a very wide range of solar inverters for your solar panels at the best factory price. That is why we stand at the first place among solar e-wholesalers in Africa. A photovoltaic power inverter is an electrical converter that transforms direct output of PV solar panels (DC) into alternating current (AC) either for stand-alone systems or to supply power to an electricity grid. Direct current (DC) is a type of electricity transmission and distribution by which electricity flows in one direction through the conductor, usually relatively low voltage and high current. To be used for typical 120 volt or 220-volt household appliances, DC must be converted to alternating current, its opposite. The alternating current is a type of electrical current, the direction of which is reversed at regular intervals or cycles. Electricity transmission networks use AC because voltage can be controlled with relative ease. Our solar inverters are very easy to install. Feel free to look at their data sheets and warranty conditions on each solar inverter product page. We offer on-grid (grid-tied), off-grid (stand-alone) and hybrid solar inverters so that you can adapt your solar electricity conversion to each of your electrical networks. Our online solar power inverters are divided in two electric AC connections: Single-phase and Three-phase power supply. On solar inverters' page you’ll find all modulations of technologies currently available the solar market: mono-tracker or multi-tracker, with transformer or transformerless, with Wi-Fi interface option... This selection of photovoltaic inverters also allows you to make self-consumption with or without storage. If you connect a hybrid solar inverter to your solar installation, it will intelligently determine itself the most cost-effective and efficient electricity source for you. It chooses between your photovoltaic panels, solar batteries and the electrical network. This is the new solar inverters' technology!