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Make your own online quotation for solar panel technology with SOLAR AFRICA SHOP. In this category you'll find photovoltaic solar panels that will help you reduce your electricity consumption and realise huge economies of energy. Our engineers have made a sharp selection of solar module technologies among many photoelectric generator manufacturers worldwide. Solar generators industry is currently led by China. We have chosen power manufacturers that offer high cell efficiency and module efficiency, as well as a A-grade quality together with a cost-effective power output throughout years. These PV modules warranties are among the longest. How to choose and buy your photovoltaic generator at best cost? A solar panel is made of silicon solar cells. A solar cell is a photoelectric generator that captures sunlight and converts its energy directly into electricity thanks to the photovoltaic effect. A solar cell's voltage, current, and resistance vary accordingly to light exposure, and determine the panel efficiency. There is by now 3 types of solar modules on the market: monocrystalline, polycrystalline and thin film amorphous panel technology manufacturers. According to your country location, choose your solar cells technology that will enhance your solar panels performance. Which solar panel is the best? It is not a question of being the best, it is a question of efficiency according to an annual sunshine rate. Monocrystalline are most expensive but have a better surface yield with direct sunlight. Polycrystalline are cheaper and generate more energy in diffuse light (side radiation and overcast weather). After efficiency, choose the best solar panel size and install it on your home's roof or on the ground with solar mounting systems. Solar panels adapt themselves to every size of rooftops thanks to suitable solar mounting systems and accessories available on our site. With our selection of quality photovoltaic solar panel technology, you can realise massive energy-savings on an on-grid and hybrid solar power plant. In isolated African areas, become self-sufficient by connecting your solar panel to your home, offices, professional buildings and produce your own off-grid solar electricity. SOLAR AFRICA SHOP displays a large range of solar panels at factory prices to fit to all budgets. In each solar product category, strengths, features, sizes, and benefits are mentioned in technical datasheets and certificates available in downloading. Solar panels are also integrated to our Basic solar panel kits. Our solar panel kits are available as well with monocrystalline as polycrystalline solar panel technology. to complete your photovoltaic installation, add a solar mounting system kit, autonomy kit, electrical kit, cable management kit, earthing kit. With our user-friendly SOLAR AFRICA SHOP online sales platform, you easily browse our photovoltaic solar-related modules & equipment catalogue (such as MC4 solar connectors), you can select your panel by price or power, you order online in a few clicks and you benefit from a cheap delivery to your destination country in Africa. Our Solar App for mobile phones also enables to order from everywhere at any time! It is Solar Africa Shop panel efficiency! We offer solar panels at factory prices to make renewable energy accessible and affordable for homes and buildings in Africa. Solar power is not only an ecological and cheap green energy, it is also the future of humanity.