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Solar Panel 210W Poly TIANWEI

  • 10 years Guarantee
  • 25 years Performance Guarantee
  • Polycrystalline
  • High-performance modules with reliable quality
  • IP65
  • Grade A

$79.80per unit

$0.38 per Watt

package(s) of 0 units =
1 unit(s) = $79.80

TIANWEI, a company with over 50 years' history, has well established a fully integrated PV industry chain (silicon-wafer-cell-module).

Utilizing first class equipment and high quality components with industry proven technology, plus our quality oriented philosophy

Industry leading power output warranty:

After 25 years, the product's output power shall not be less than 83% of the minimum output power as set forth in this specification.

Compared with the industry standard 10 years 90% and 25 years 80% power output guarantee, TIANWEI's semi-linear performance guarantee provides you with considerable added value.

Length / unit (cm)148.2
Width / unit (cm)99.2
Depth/Height / unit (cm)4
Weight / unit (kg)18.5
Power / Unit (Watt)210
Number of cells54
Efficiency (%)12.91
Cell Efficiency (%)14.75
Solar panel guarantee hardware10 Years
Solar panel production guarantee25 Years
Rated Maximum Power (Pmax)210W
Maximum Power Voltage (Vmpp)26.9V
Maximum Power Current (Imp)7.81A
Short Circuit Current (Isc)8.35A
Open Circuit Voltage (voc)33.6V
Maximum System VoltageDC 1000 V (tuv)
Power Tolerance Range+-3%
Max. Series Fuse Rating (IR)15A
Module Efficiency (%)12.91


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